West Tennessee STEM Hub

Information for Ambassadors

Welcome STEM Ambassadors, this webpage is for you! This is where you will find information about the upcoming meetings, events, and opportunities. Whenever there is new information, you will find it posted here. Additionally, you will find links to the notes from our monthly meetings and helpful links to better serve the STEM Hub! Thanks for being a great Ambassador! If you're interested in becoming a new STEM Ambassador, please click here

Submitting Hours

After working, please be sure that you are submitting your hours. 

Upcoming Summer Meetings:

We will update our summer meeting list as they are scheduled.

Ambassador material checking out and in:

With the numerous amount of materials we have available for the classroom and after school activities, please feel free to check out the materials for the teachers!  Ambassadors, don't be afraid to take tools to help with after school activities, STEM events in the classroom, and any other ideas that you have. To check out material and to check the material back in

Notes from Previous Ambassador Meetings:

STEM Ambassador Orientation Fall 2015
Notes from  November 2015 - Tips for Teaching and Tutoring
Notes from January 2016 - Professionalism
Notes from February 2016 - Effective Communication

Handouts from Previous Meetings:

STEM Spotlights Questions for Ambassadors
Please send your completed spotlight to Rachel Stein (rstein1@memphis.edu)
Letter to STEM Ambassadors
STEM Ambassadors, What to Expect (from Fall 2015)