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Buckman STEM Challenge

This year, the Buckman STEM Challenge the students took on topics such as sustainable biofouling control programs, biomass based corrosion inhibition, and water clarification with renewable materials and must make viable solutions for these real-world problems. These diverse challenges allow the students to explore problem solving and creativity. These are all challenges very relevant to current industrial issues the world faces. We want to congratulate the winning team from Central High School. We also want to recognize students that competed from schools: St. Mary's, Hutchison, and Collierville High School.

This is a picture of the winning team from Central High School. Congratulations!!

Interested in Joining the Competition?

Buckman's STEM Innovation Challenge flyer is available! We hope to have a great compeition next year!  

Buckman STEM Ambassadors:

We have several STEM Ambassadors that work with Springdale Elementary in their STEM Classroom! We would like to thank them for the wonderful job they do for Springdale and recognize them and if you wish to learn more about them, please download their spotlight!

Steffen Matthews  
Lindsay Brakefield 
Caitlin McGrath  

2016 STEM Essay Competition

We are pleased to announce the 2016 STEM Essay Competition Winners!  We are also pleased to report that this year's competition resulted in nearly 200 entries. The top three essays in each competition division are available for download below.  Congratulations to the winners for their excellent submissions, and special thanks to our 2016 sponsor, Buckman.  

High School Competition:

1st place:  Kester Nucum, E.W. Grove High School - The Water Crisis
2nd place:  Billee Lassiter, E.W. Grove High School - Science: Water, Land, and Air Pollution
3rd place:  Alysse Hoelmer, Collierville High School - Lead, Salt, and Bacteria, Oh My!
Honorable Mentions:
Amelia Hopper

Middle School Competition:

1st Place:  Jeb Haley, Millington Middle School - Solving the Clean Water Crisis
2nd Place:  Wesley Percer, Millington Middle School - A Prosthetic Problem
3rd Place:  Learra Alip, Millington Middle School - Energy Consumption
Honorable Mentions:
Alexander Carter