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Innovations in STEM Education Conference

2019 Conference Materials and Information

This year, the TSIN Innovative Educators: Innovations in K-20 STEM Education Conference was held on February 15, 2019 on the Main University of Memphis Campus.

2019 Conference Agenda for Teachers

2019 Conference Agenda for Counselors

The Northwest TN STEM Hub and the West TN STEM Hub also jointly hosted the 2019 TSIN Innovative Educators Conference for K-12 teachers on Thursday, June 13 at the Dyersburg State Community College at Tipton County, Jimmy Naifeh Center. It was an exciting day of industry panels, hands-on workshops, and networking! Topics included: PBL and technology, Computer Science/ Coding, STEM on a Shoestring, and  AgriSTEM.

2018 Conference Materials and Information

The 2018 Innovations in K-12 STEM Conference, hosted jointly by the West TN STEM Hub and the Northwest TN STEM Hub, was held on Thursday, May 31 at the University of Memphis Lambuth Campus in Jackson, TN.  The conference featured engaging keynotes, panel sessions, and a variety of hands-on workshops that focused on integrating real-world STEM into the classroom. 

Breakout Session Materials 

Intro to K-12 Robtics
VEX Presentation
FIRST Presentation
FIRST Website
FIRST in Memphis
Transportation-STEM: Bridging the Gaps 


2017 Conference Materials and Information

A fantastic group of K-12, higher education, and industry partners joined us September 15, 2017 at the FedEx Institute of Technology for the West TN STEM Hub's annual conference to learn about new STEM resources and share best practices to motivate ALL students to consider STEM majors and careers. Check out conference details and follow the links below to learn more about our sessions and presentors!

Robotics Education Foundation

West TN STEM - Online Modules
Module Descriptions
Module Access Information
TDOT TRAC program

National Website
CyberPatriot - West TN STEM Hub resources

2016 Conference Materials and Information

Nearly 300 K-12 teachers, administrators, higher education faculty, and industry and community partners convened for the 2016 conference to learn from leaders in industry and education about STEM practices that are effective for increasing students' interest and preparedness for STEM careers, and the importance of building a community of practice!  Check out the conference materials available below, and be sure to join the TSIN STEM Community of Practice and sign up for MakerMinded!

Main Agenda               CTE Agenda               Morning Session Speaker Bios

    Livestream:  Morning Sessions from 'The Zone'

Powerpoint and Handouts:


2015 Conference Materials and Information

The 2015 annual Innovations in K-20 STEM Education Conference was highly successful this year and we thank all the participants who attended. The conference was held on Friday, May 15, 2015 at the Fed Ex Institute of Technology on the University of Memphis campus. The focus of this year’s conference dealt with Collective Impact and Ted Townsend from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development served as the keynote speaker.  STEM leaders from K-12, higher education, and industry engaged in a variety of activities including panel discussions and meaningful conversations in order to generate new ideas, strategies and express their thoughts regarding the collective impact of STEM education as well as future needs for STEM education.

2014 Conference Materials and Information

The annual Innovations in K-20 STEM Education Conference was a success! Held on Friday, April 25, 2014, the conference brought nearly 75 participants from across West TN together in Jackson, on the University of Memphis – Lambuth campus, to discuss STEM education and the STEM workforce landscape. The conference provided a venue for leaders from K-12, higher education, and industry to engage in meaningful conversations regarding the state of the practice in STEM education. The goal of this conference was to create a "think tank" environment that generated ideas and transformative strategies to continue move West TN STEM education forward through collaborative effort from all stakeholders. The conference featured discussions regarding:

2013 Conference Materials and Information

This inaugural conference featured discussions regarding:

  • Innovations in STEM teaching and learning
  • STEM pipeline issues
  • STEM teacher preparation
  • Legislative and policy implications for STEM education
  • Opportunities for enhancing K-12 STEM education through Career and Technology programs.

Download the conference agenda, session descriptions and post session summaries and key take aways here.

Innovations in K-20 STEM Agenda               Session Descriptions               Session Summaries