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The exciting things your company does and the work of your STEM professionals can inspire students to pursue STEM careers. Let us know if you are interested in being featured in one of our STEM Industry Spotlights by completing this form: www.surveymonkey.com/s/WTSH-IndustrySpotlight.

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Your dollars do make a difference! Financially supporting the West TN STEM Hub is quick and easy. You can donate online or by check. The STEM Hub will send notifications to any person identified as an honoree.


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The West TN STEM Hub Speakers Bureau is in place to connect STEM professionals to classrooms in the West TN region with the purpose of educating students about STEM topics and careers. Members of the West TN STEM Hub Speakers Bureau will be available to visit schools and facilitate talks on their areas of expertise. West TN regional teachers will refer to the Speakers Bureau database to enhance their STEM related curriculum. 

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For more information and assistance contacting someone from the Speakers Bureau, please contact Rachel Stein at rstein1@memphis.edu

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Join us as we move forward in achieving excellence in STEM education in West Tennessee. Partners of the West Tennessee STEM Hub can be involved in many ways, including:

  • Sponsoring Hub programs
  • Sponsoring our STEM Platform School at Southwind High School
  • Sponsoring STEM initiatives (projects, competitions, etc.) in the West TN region
  • Providing externship opportunities for STEM teachers
  • Providing technical assistance to STEM teachers
  • Hosting on-site educational tours for students and teachers
  • Establishing internships for students
  • Mentoring students
  • Hosting job shadowing for students
  • Providing speakers to make presentations to students highlighting STEM career opportunities. Click here to read about Medtronic’s Speakers Bureau experience.
  • Participating in Hub partner meetings and conferences
  • Identifying opportunities to ensure sustainability of Hub efforts

To become a partner, or for more information on how you can get involved, please contact the Hub.

STEM Integration in K-12 Education Report

Enjoy this newly published report on integrating STEM education into K-12 classrooms. Our very own Dr. Alfred Hall, West TN STEM Hub director, was a contributing author as a member of the Integrated STEM Writing Committee.

Access the Report

STEM Integration in K-12 Education examines current efforts to connect the STEM disciplines in K-12 education. This report identifies and characterizes existing approaches to integrated STEM education, both in formal and after- and out-of-school settings. The report reviews the evidence for the impact of integrated approaches on various student outcomes, and it proposes a set of priority research questions to advance the understanding of integrated STEM education. STEM Integration in K-12 Education proposes a framework to provide a common perspective and vocabulary for researchers, practitioners, and others to identify, discuss, and investigate specific integrated STEM initiatives within the K-12 education system of the United States.

STEM Integration in K-12 Education makes recommendations for designers of integrated STEM experiences, assessment developers, and researchers to design and document effective integrated STEM education. This report will help to further their work and improve the chances that some forms of integrated STEM education will make a positive difference in student learning and interest and other valued outcomes.

STEM Industry Spotlights

A place where students can learn about numerous STEM industries in West TN and find out which STEM skills are utilized in the workforce everyday!
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West Tennessee STEM Talk
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Let us Spotlight You!

STEM Spotlights: An initiative of the West Tennessee STEM Hub to motivate K-12 students to consider STEM careers.

STEM Spotlights showcase engaging professionals from a variety of STEM disciplines. The STEM Spotlights are intended to demonstrate variety - in career path, gender, ethnicity, level of experience - such that students understand that STEM fields provide an opportunity for people from every background and area of interest to make an impact in our society. We intend to create both video and printed materials that will be shared throughout the region via our West Tennessee STEM Hub social media and this website.

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Please take a few minutes to nominate professionals in your organization that would make excellent role models and would be willing to share their stories.

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