West Tennessee STEM Hub

2017-2018 Opportunities for Teachers

Digital Forensics & Secure Coding Workshops

August 3, 2018

These sessions are sponsored by the National Security Agency, so there is no cost to attend either of these workshops. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and parking will be provided. Spaces are limited!

Interested parties can register here!

Questions?  Email Justin Whitmer at jwhitmer@cbhs.org 
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The 2018 STEM Essay Competition 

Check out this year's winning entries on the Buckman STEM page.

DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World
at the iMax 

Opened February 10, 2018 at the Pink Palace Museum

A giant-screen adventure unlike any other, DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World, is an epically fun tour of inspiration through the visionary advances made by engineers. Narrated by Academy Award® winner Jeff Bridges, this is the first IMAX story to answer the call of the STEM initiative – which offers a fresh perspective on engineering and aims to inspire kids of diverse backgrounds to become the innovators, educators, and leaders who will improve the lives of people across our entire planet throughout the 21st Century. The award-winning filmmaking team at MacGillivray Freeman Films reveals not only the grandeur but the heart, humanity, and optimism that exists within every problem-solving project.

Produced in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers and presented by Bechtel Corporation, DREAM BIG reveals how engineers have changed both everyday lives and entire societies: from the Roman Arch to the Great Wall of China, from one much-needed village bridge to the cosmic International Space Station, from underwater robots to death-defying rollercoasters, wind-defying skyscrapers and pneumatic tube vehicles that might one day zoom at 700 MPH. It’s the perfect encapsulation of what engineering is all about: ordinary people finding ways to defy the impossible and change the world, and their own lives, in the process.


Visit the film's education page to find a corresponding Educator Guide & Lesson Plans!